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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” - Einstein

If I’m going to start a blog and a new business, I figured I should go big or go home. Einstein certainly set the bar high and I must say, “awakening joy” in our modern world is no easy feat. It isn’t just Einstein that sets the bar for our job expectations, our very own profession perpetuates the image and expectation that teachers are expected to be selfless and ever serving. Teachers are tireless individuals who will do anything and everything to ensure student success. Teachers take on the stress and emotional hardships of their students and they work long hours to ensure the growth of each and every student in their grasp. But at what cost?

My personal story has shifted my definition on what a successful teaching career looks like. I have seen first hand the health and wellness consequences that impact overworked, burnt out, stressed teachers. Teachers continue to leave the profession in droves or retire early due to chronic stress, mental and physical exhaustion, or worse, chronic illness and disease (many that are preventable). It is also not surprising that even experienced teachers, with many many years of service are looking to change careers or countdown the days to EARLY retirement. Once retired, the idea of a well deserved life of leisure is interrupted by a shocking diagnosis or sudden onset of illness.

What if we treat ourselves with the same love, compassion, and patience that we show our students? What if we prioritized a curriculum of wellness, health, and vitality that would foster healthy routines, positive change and transformation? Fill our cup before we fill our students, energizing our mind, body and souls. I promise by doing so, you will not only feel happier and healthier, but you will be a better teacher, colleague, administrator and example to your students. The best news is that making change right now, can completely alter your future.

I have written a lesson plan for holistic wellness. My mission is to support and foster the mental, physical and spiritual health of educators by inspiring teachers to be selfish about their own personal wellness. Will you join me?

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